Release 2020-09-01

1 bugs fixed and 5 new features added.

New features

  • Added a reboot button to cameras in the dashboard for user levels PowerUser and upwards.
  • Cameras, configuration and statistics can be opened in new tabs from the camera list.
  • Added dawn and dusk offset options for iterative autoexposure.
  • Exposure related settings (aperture, shutter speed and iso) can be set to 'Disabled' in the related drop-down menu, to avoid warnings in ImageCaptureEvents when they can't be set on the camera.
  • Admins, Superusers and Powerusers can now be assigned permissions to manage specific users.

Bugs fixed

  • Removed configuration and statistics links from the interface for user level users. Users did no longer have permission for these things, but could still see them, resulting in a 403 error on clicking.