yellow.lite and Feature Comparison

ResponsibilitiesFully Managed Solution1DIY2
Image ArchiveIncluded in Yellow Cloud Portal3Send images to any FTP server
Camera Settings4No
Capture ScheduleConfiguration File
Control heating to defrost front glassNo, DIY possible
Automatically delete old imagesNo
Flexible Image Processing

Configurable in Portal:

  • Lens barrel correction
  • Resize
  • Rotate
  • Flip
  • Crop
  • Anonymize
  • Overlay (logo, hide areas...)
Limited, only resize and crop
Publish imagesYes, embeddable into any websiteDIY using the FTP destination
Automated timelapseYesNo

Upload only a subset of
the images captured

Can be activated for a given camera,
currently available on request
No (planned feature)


  1. Updates, monitoring, backup, and bug fixes are provided.
  2. The customer installs and maintains Raspbian (Debian Linux) and the yellow.lite software on the Raspberry PI.
  3. The Yellow portal allows a user to view the image archive and control any capture/processing instructions. Any configuration change will be applied to the camera immediately.
  4. Configure Aperture, ISO, JPG Quality, Images Size, and Exposure Compensation.