Release 2020-07-08

1 bugs fixed and 3 new feature added.

New features

It is now possible to order downloads of image selections larger than 4 GB by sending links to the deliverables via email when they are ready.

Curtailed some rights of User-level users. The User level won't be able to do the following things they were previously able to:

  • Control heating
  • Download zips
  • view settings
  • edit schedules
  • focus camera remotely

Added PowerUser level, an intermediary level between Users and SuperUsers. It has all rights of the User level, all rights the User level used to have up until this update, and in addition receives the following permissions:

  • Delete images
  • Edit feeds

If you are a user and reuqire some of the rights that level no longer has, contact your yellow provider.

SuperUsers and Administrators now have the ability to create PowerUsers, and upgrade existing Users to the new permission level.

This is the first step on a longer journey with the aim to give PowerUsers a limited ability to create and manage other users.

Bugs fixed

Fixed an issue where the heating icon could disappear.


Removed capture settings from CamptureImageEvents. They'll be back at some point in the future.