Release 2021-03-31

Date of Release:  31.03.2021


4 bugs fixed and 1 new features added.

New features

  • Panofeeds that get no new images will retain their youngest image for display even if it is older than the expiry time of 30 days.

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed an issue that led to wrong D-lighting options being set on some Nikon models.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented ISO noise reduction from having any effect on all cameras.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented PictureControl settings from being applied on some camera models.

  • Identity mask with blur now also applied to the edges of an image if needed.


  • Cameras that do not have geo-coordinates defined will be given the coordinates of the avisec office as defaults. This also results in Europe/Zurich being made the default timezone of these cameras.